Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Contest Results

I bet your here to see who won the kindle copy of Captive of Raven Castle. I won't keep you in suspense. =)  


First place goes to... Ruth Newton!!!

"There will always be the will of evil in this world. But if we choose to trust in the voice of the One whose will is stronger, then no matter what happens to us, we can know that everything will work out alright. No matter what happens."

Avery knows that everything is about to change when a new director takes control of her state. He promises everyone that the coming years will be secure and safe. But as strange tasks are assigned to different cities, Avery knows an attack is coming, not from the outside, but from within their own borders. 

She wants to speak out, but she lives haunted by a deadly mistake she made years before. As the intrigue grows deeper, Avery has to decide between protecting herself and her family, or revealing the hidden secrets behind the director. 

As the stakes are raised, Avery begins to see that hope can only be found in One, even when all ends are beyond her sight. Danger is closing in all around her, and Avery begins to see that she must learn to trust, or she won't survive what lies ahead. 

Second place goes to Gloria Newton!!

I’ve looked everywhere. What should I do now?

James Golding was separated from his parents in a raid by the savage Yillans many years ago. Most believe his parents could not have survived, and reject him as an orphan. He knows different, so he searches for them everywhere he can think of, but when he thinks all hope is lost, he discovers that a group of prisoners had been taken to a group of islands in the West. Catching a ride on a trading boat he travels the ocean, determined to find his parents. 
Embarking on a dangerous mission with a noble purposes, he will go to any lengths to be reunited with his family.
When he reaches the island, he is faced with dangerous creatures, enemy warriors and a strange companion. 
Will he find his parents? Or will he live his life alone and unwanted?
Enjoy the thrilling story of James’ journey as he learns to follow God’s voice and be led to the truth. 

Third place goes to the writer of Pirate Hunters! 


For years, pirates had terrorized the land of Vara. Using the ancient and mystical Gem of Shadows, they were unstoppable…until the arrival of the Pirate Hunters. Striking fast and hard, the Hunters delivered a devastating defeat to the Pirates by capturing the Gem of Shadows from them. Now the pirates are scattered.

            What Kyle Darrik wants most is to go on a voyage in his father’s ship. But when his father allows him to join the crew, things take a turn for the worse. The leader of the pirates, Zenik, captures the Pirate Hunters ship with only one purpose in mind: find the Gem of Shadows and use it to return the pirates to their former glory.

            Join Kyle and his friends in their race against time as they battle sea-dragons, sharks, and pirates, and learn to trust in God.

Thank you everyone for entering! See you next month! 
-Mikayla and Ysa-

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