Thursday, September 4, 2014

September Contest

We will be giving away a copy of Ransomed by Elizabeth Ender to the winner of this months contest! Second and third place will get posted on the blog. The contest will end on the 24'th. We will post the results on the 30'th

In writing, knowing your characters better than your readers ever will is vital. For our September contest I think it will be fun for you all to come up with a list of characteristics that describe a imaginary character in detail. You can take this character from one of your previous stories, a book or story you are writing or just someone you think up. The more information you can give the better. You are also welcome to include images if it helps you answer any of the questions.:)

Here are some things you should include, but you are not limited to these:

Physical Characteristics:
Commendable Character Trates:
Flawed Character Trates:
Some of the things she/he would say (write at least 3 things he/she would say):
Some of the things he/she would do (describe at least 3 things she/he would do):
Important parts of his/her life:
What makes him/her unique:
What your character is passionate about:
Why he/she is so passionate about these things:
What he/she likes:
What he/she dislikes:
What he/she likes to read:
Your characters hobbys:
His/her job:
His/her best friend (s):
His/her pets:
His/her clothing style:

Is  he/she saved?

If so:
His/her spiritual gifts:
Favorite Bible Verse:

If not:
Do you think this character will become saved?
Is he/she apposed to Christianity:
Why or why not:

Please come up with some of your own questions that would deepen our understanding of this character and then answer those questions. I look forward to your entrees!