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August contest results

Hello one and all to our August Contest Results! The winner of Family Reunion by Kelsey Bryant is....

My Novel

Clare Farrelly!!! Congratulations Clare! We'll be sending you your e

Here's her entry:

The space ship glided just outside the atmosphere of Pern. The pilot looked out over the masses of shining clouds that obscured his view of the planet that would become the colonist’s new home. Two officers behind him talked animatedly of the new planet. 
“They say it’s green and full of rivers that wind down to a huge body of water that covers most of the planet, it’s called The Sea.”“Bigger than any of the lakes back home?”“Very much bigger”“There are lots of trees too,” the pilot added. “There are forests over rolling hills and air that needs no filtering. It’s a jewel of a planet.”“It really is a wonder that we are the first colonists.”The pilot turned and looked at the speaker. “We don’t know that, we only know there are no other intelligent species there, now.”
The officers looked at each other and turned slowly back to look at the pilot’s hard eyes.
“There were others?” one said, his voice quivering.“We don’t know for sure, but doesn’t it seem strange that such a perfect planet could go uninhabited for so long?”“Yes,” the officer replied after a pause. “But with three thousand of us we can tackle anything. As you said it is a jewel of a planet.”“The fact that it is such a jewel is why its uninhabitence is so strange. It is a mighty task we face, to begin a new world on a strange planet. Let us hope there are no unforeseen dangers.”
The ship continued to glide over the planet. A shout came from the aft observatory pod. The time had arrived. Men scurried around the cabin. Gears and controls were set for the entry and decent. With a roar the gigantic spacecraft surged forward and down, the pilot struggled with leavers to maintain the right level for entry. They dived. The ship vibrated and tendrils of blue fire flickered along the hull. 
“Grab the port wing stick, we’re sliding. Hold it. Now wait for it and ease off.” “I know what I’m doing you concentrate on flying.”“Quiet both of you,” called the captain, “and hold her steady.”
The spaceship tossed like a boat on stormy seas. It bucked again, then settled as they passed down into the clouds. 
“We can’t see.”“Of course we can’t that’s what the instruments are for! Check our altitude,” replied the pilot.The officers voiced their concern of how high the mountains of Pern were. “Not this high,” replied the pilot, and under his breath, “let’s hope so anyway.”
Clouds parted and the tree covered hills of Pern came into view. Vistas of blue and green stretched before the eyes of the smiling crew. Spires of rock stretched up towards them, thin and pointed at the top, brown rocks rattled and the forests rustled as the ship disturbed the air high above them. Turquoise lakes and rivers wound off into the distance. The vista was startling in its beauty. One thing really caught the pilot’s eye though, a dark mountain. It towered above the surrounding peaks, black and forbidding. They rapidly drew nearer to it and would soon pass right over.
 From the ship he could see down into the mountain’s heart where something that looked like a speck of gold shone. Of course it couldn’t be gold because sun couldn’t reach down that far into the crater and the pinpoint of gold would be very big up close. Whatever glowed down there, shone of its own accord, deep down there in the heart of the sable mountain. Its steep sides fled down into the grassy plain where they would land.
Every viewing screen and window held the new colonists attention as they each caught their first glimpse of the planet that they would now call home. All the stories were proven true; lush growths of trees, and grass covered the land, flowers and plants speckled the plains with splashes of colour. From the height of the ship, the clumps of flowers looked like bright coloured gems resting on the grass. A young man started the cheering and soon the whole ship vibrated with the deafening noise of the new colonists. 
Inside the cabin the crew rushed about. The pilot had no need to shout orders as everyone already knew the procedure; they had rehearsed it so often. Still some people were a little flustered now that the time had come for the real thing. 
“One of the landing jets won’t unfold properly. I think the entry may have damaged it.”“Then fix it. Why didn’t we know of this before?” the captain roared. “Is it only that one?”
The crew members looked at one another, and shifted uncomfortably. They had all been too engrossed in the scenery of the planet to see the screens or to notice the warnings. 
“What?”One braver crew member stepped forwards, “I think more than one is damaged, most of the unfolding mechanisms appear to be shattered.”“We are about to land; get a move on. Get out there if you have to and put them out yourself.”
Two of the men climbed out the porthole and clipped their harnesses onto the rail. They found that climbing around the outside of a ship while inside a planet’s atmosphere is quite a different matter, to the ease of movement in space that they were used to. Eddying gusts threatened to rip the men off their precarious position, but the two held on with the help of their harnesses. Cold fingers of wind crept down the men’s necks as they edged along under the ship. Pern’s gravity field pulled them down and the wind yanked at them. They struggled to reach the first landing jets. Both men had to pull together to open the cover and unfold the jet.  
“Well the mechanism is quite damaged; at least we only need them this once,” shouted one before the wind could whip the words away like a rope blowing out in a gale. 
As the men struggled to get the last landing jet out of its hatch which unlike most of the others had stayed intact, the other man said, “Well we get the first experience of Pern air. It is quite perfect, though a little on the windy side.” The men grinned at each other and scrambled back to the hatch and slipped into the calm of the ship.
The two men strode up to the captain and with a salute reported that all the landing jets were out and ready to go.  The pilot circled the ship once more while the crew ran over all the checks. Then they were gliding in towards the grass upon which no human foot had trodden for many years. The ship sank faster and faster towards the waving grass.
“Now, power the landing jets, now,” the captain roared over the whistling of the wind. Rumbles and shudders shook the cabin and the crew all wondered if something still wasn’t right with the landing jets. Then they burst into life, most of them, but not enough. The ship slowed it’s decent a little but hit the ground with a mighty crash and cries of the colonists could be heard from all over the ship. They met the ground and flew back up and onwards a little before the second crash jolted them and the ship settled down. 
Sighs and a few moans came from almost everyone, from relief, the dropping of tension, or pain. A few legs had not survived the jolting, but surprisingly most damages the ship and its occupants had incurred were minor. They were there on Pern, on solid ground for the first time in many, many months.
The captain let down the main door and he himself took the first step out and inhaled a breath of the sweet Pern air. Then he lifted his hands in the all clear signal and the colonists rushed out surging around him and onto the grass, like waves rushing around a stone. The crew came out last, and joined in the laughter but the two officers couldn’t help but remember the pilots former warning of why they were supposedly the first inhabitants of Pern when it seemed such a hospitable place. 

If you are not the winner and would like your own copy of Family Reuinion or are interested in reading about it you can look at it on Goodread's here or Amazon here!

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Interveiw with Kelsey Bryant

Today I am very proud to present Kelsey Bryant

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Hello Kelsey and welcome to Future Homeschool Authors!
Hi, thank you for having me!

First, could you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m 23 years old and live with my wonderful parents in central Texas. I have a newly married older brother; we were homeschooled since the beginning and really enjoyed our education. I love writing and reading, but I also enjoy martial arts, piano, history, classical music, card making, teaching, and studying the Bible. I’m an introvert but I really value people and find them fascinating! 

What’s your favorite book?
Besides the obvious answer of the Bible, there are at least ten books that lay claim to the title! If I had to pick one, I suppose I’d better go with Christy, by Catherine Marshall. It touched me powerfully and helped me in my walk with God, it was a heroic story full of realistic characters, and it was beautifully written. To me, those are the most important qualities for a book to have!

Who's your favorite Author?
Besides the obvious answer of the glorious One who created everything, I’d say Jane Austen. I love her books, her time period (early 1800s), her country (England), her humor, her heroines, her perception into society, and the intelligence of her writing.

If you could meet one person who would it be?
Yet another hard but excellent question! There are a number of people I’ve met online that I’m dying to meet in person and I can’t pick just one, and just about any historical author I like would be an absolutely marvelous person to converse with. But someone from the Bible would be … spectacular. I’ll choose Peter, since he walked so closely to our Lord!

Can you tell us anything about the book you’re working on right now?
I’m actually working on three books right now. One is the sequel to Family Reunion (Six Cousins, Book 1); the action surrounds a tour in England. Lord willing that will be published this fall. I’m co-writing a romance novel about Regency England (Jane Austen’s time period) with a friend, and I’m writing a mystery that ties together the early 1900s and modern times in America. The main character is a homeschool graduate.

What was the best part of writing Family Reunion?
Probably the large amount of self-expression I could put into it. Although I’ve never gone through anything much like the plot, I used some of my deepest thoughts, personality, imagination, experiences, even my feelings about the central Texas landscape, to make this story feel real.

How did you begin writing?
I think my love of writing began as a fascination with letters and words and how they created images and stories. I printed and illustrated my first “stories” (they were actually more like series of sentences) on stapled-together sheets of paper.

What inspired you to begin writing?
It must have been all those good books my mom read to me! Many of my first real stories or story ideas were based off books or tales I liked, like animal tales and fairy tales, followed by mysteries and books starring children.

What is your favorite genre?
Classics take the cake, but I also love old-feeling historical fiction of any time period.

Do you do any research for you books? If you do what are your main sources?
Research is one of my favorite aspects of writing, since I love learning and teaching. I would like to say I don’t use the internet, but it’s so handy! I always try to make sure the websites I look up are official, and I usually try to find two or more corroborating sources. But nothing beats a firsthand, published account of an experience I need to know about, like letters or travel books.

What do you like most about writing?
Words. The way they sing, paint, dance, and sculpt, the way they play off each other and make stories, images, and ideas come to life in our minds. It fascinates me that something physical like letters can form things that “live”!

Any final thoughts?
I’m so blessed that you wanted to hear from me. I really want to encourage every writer who reads this to give their talent to God and use it for His glory. Learn from Him and you will be able to share His truth with the world! Write all you can and you’ll keep improving; there are many places your writing can go and many people it can touch.

Thank you so much for all your time!

You’re welcome! Be blessed!


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August Contest

Hi All! I am the new Contest writer upper! For August's Contest we will be giving away Kelsey Bryant's  Novel, Family Reunion as the first place prize! (second and third place get posted on the blog)

My Novel

So heres the rules: Please read the back of a book you have never read before. Then while looking at the front cover, write the first chapter to that book. There is no word count, but keep in mind that it should be about the size of a chapter. It can be a short chapter or a long one, but not two paragraphs and not 100 pages!
I'm sure it will be interesting for you to read the actual book afterwards and see how far off you were and how similar or different your characters were to the actual ones!
When your done writing your chapter just sudmit it to
The contest closes on the 20'th and we'll have the results up on the 27'th =)