Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Contest Results

Hello everyone! The winner of Traitors Knife by Elizibeth Kaiser is....


Katy Orsborn!!!! Congradulations Katy! =D

Dear Diary,
     I guess that I'm a bit of a girly-girl. I love pink, shopping, and as many ruffles and furbelows as can fit on a single garment. Most people just see that and think, "Oh, she's a normal girl. There are too many like her. I'm going to let her be." But just because I'm a bit cliche doesn't mean that I don't have other sides!
     A lot of guys take me to be one of those "dumb blondes". Take today, for instance. I was put with Jack, Patrick, and Gabe for a science project. When I offered a suggestion for our subject, they sneered at me. "What do you know?" Jack smirked. "We're not talking about your dresses. You don't have anything to contribute, so stay out of this!" So whenever I tried to offer my two cents, I was rudely rebuked. 
     Well, they're not my problem! That was the millionth time such an event has occurred and I'm determined to prove them wrong. I'm going to stop being Miss Priss and swing into full Nerd-Geek mode. I'll show them my science-loving, genius side.
     I'll show them the real me, the side that I've hidden for so long.

Second place goes to... Clare Farrelly!!

"In fear and excitement I walked into the room. I knelt before the queen to be, who I would now serve. 
“Rise my lady” 
I slowly raised my eyes to her face and began to stand. I forgot all formalities and gaped at her, I knew that face. She looked back down at me and smiled then her eyes narrowed. I stood before her and wondered if she could see me trembling. Surely she had remembered all those years ago, I did.
Back then I was young and vain, the horrid daughter of an important Nobel. She turned up at the manor, I thought her a little tatterdemalion of no account. Only later did I find out that she had just survived being abducted. Now our paths had crossed again and she could do to me as she wished. I wondered, was she the sort to hold a grudge? 
I’d spent so much of my life trying to get a position like this in the court and now? She that I had hurt when we were children, now a queen to be, sat on the chair in front of me with a look of recognition spreading slowly across her face."

Third place is... Pearl Willis!!!

A brown haired girl sat on a chair reading the last page in The Tatterdemalion. “All finished,” she said, “Now what will I read? I’ve read just about every book in the house.”
Her little sister, Mollie, entered the room carrying a doctor's kit. “Katie, what’s your sickness? Doctor Mollie is here to help.”
Katie thought a moment, “I have a bad case of Abibliophobia.”
“What does abibablobia-whatever mean?” Mollie asked.  
“It means something like ‘The fear of running out of reading material’ I think.”
Mollie got some ‘pills’ (peanuts) and gave them to Katie. “Eat them and you will be better.” Then she left the room to fix her older brother’s ‘broken leg’.
Katie looked at the wooden clock above the doorway. Why does that clock always go widdershins? She thought. (She had just read all the way through a dictionary because she had nothing else to read and had picked up a lot of big words).
She went into the laundry room and saw her church dress lying on the ironing board. “That dress needs its furbelow ironed. I should probably do that.” She picked up the iron and started ironing the ruffle while singing a happy tune.

Thank you all for your wonderful entry's! I cannot wait to see you next month for our next contest! =D


  1. WOW I have never entered in something like this before. Thanks so much I can't believe I got second.... *Is Very happy and encouraged*

    1. You deserved it! I really loved reading your entry! =D

  2. Congrats to the winners!!!
    And I will be sending an e-version of Traitor's Knife out to Katy! :-)
    Good job on all the entries, girls! Keep writing!

  3. Good job everyone! This was so fun!!

  4. Oh my gosh! Thanks so much for doing this, and great job everyone!


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