Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Contest: To Birmingham Castle

This month, I am very proud to be giving away a copy of To Birmingham Castle By Alicia A. Willis! 


The time is the Middle Ages, a time of clashing arms, valiant knights, and intriguing castles. Join Robert Fitz Hasseltine, a young nobleman of unchallenged character and the heir to his uncle's vast earldom. Valiant, yet merciful, Robert's steadfast determination to aid the weak brings him face to face with several individuals who urgently need his protective care--individuals who must throw themselves upon his compassion and rely on his strength to overcome their pasts and lead successful lives.

Yet the days are volatile, and danger lurks on the horizon. There are dangerous enemies who hate Robert's steadfast character and ever-present mercy--enemies who would do anything to vanquish his compassion and shower their malice upon his cause. A thrilling adventure commences, coupling victory, peril, friendship, and rivalry. During his eventful journey from squire to knight to earl, Robert's courage is strongly tested and his strength challenged. Will he be able to overcome the enemies that beset him and proclaim himself the undisputed lord of his shire? And, above all, will he abide true to his resolve and prove to be a kind, considerate master?

Join Robert and his steadfast friends, Brandon, Strephon, Nathaniel, and Narcissa, in their long journey of friendship and adventure, and experience the thrilling perils of life at Birmingham Castle!

A novel of adventure, suspense, friendship, and courage, as a young man embarks on a perilous journey to overcome tyranny and reform chivalry in medieval England.

To win you have to do is write the opening line to a Historical book. And the rules are:

>It has to be 20 words or under
>It can only consist of one sentence
>You can enter up to three times and submit your entry's at
>It can be fiction or non fiction

The contest ends the 21'st of May and winners will be announced on the 28'th of May.  

To get you started here's the opening line from To Birmingham Castle: 

It was a lovely spring afternoon in the fair town of Evesham, England.

If you've got any questions just comment below! I can't wait to see your entry's! 


  1. This is SUCH a fun idea! :D Can't wait to see some awesome opening lines! :)

    1. Thanks! =) I can't wait to see them ether. =D


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