Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Interview with Cara Simmons!

Today we have an interview with Cara Simmons, author of The Haven!

Hello Cara and welcome to Future Homeschool Authors!

First could you tell us a bit about yourself? 
     I am a native of New England and I especially love the Green Mountains of Vermont, having grown up there. I live in Connecticut now, with my wonderful husband of 17 years this month, and five great treasures from God - ages fifteen down to seven years old. I began homeschooling in 5th grade, back in the day when it was a foreign and unknown thing to do. I became a homeschool graduate in 1993 and moved on to take a few community college courses, worked different temp jobs, and then met my husband and we married in 1998. I homeschooled my children for about five years, and then they began to go to a private Christian School, where I became a Kindergarten teacher. I have written three books in a series called The Orphans of Mordecai's Castle Series and hope to write more books very soon. 

Why did you decided to be an author? 
     I have always enjoyed writing, even from the time I was a little girl. I can remember sitting in one of my favorite trees with my best friend and we were talking about what we wanted to be when we grew up. I still remember saying, "I want to write a book someday." I always had a story at the back of my mind, but in 2006 I began to finally make time to get it out of my head an onto the paper. I felt it was time to share my adventures with the world around me, and God gave me the go ahead.  

Whats your favorite book? 
     My favorite book/s are by Francine Rivers: The Mark of the Lion Series. 

Who's your favorite Author?
     Francine Rivers (as mentioned above) She has such a way with words that I soak in everything she says and hope that one day I will be able to write and express myself just like she does. 

Can you tell us anything about the book your working on right now?
     I am working on two different projects. One is a children's book about two little snails, and another is a story based on my childhood, though the main character will be a fictional one. 

What were the best and worst parts of writing The Haven?
     I loved how the characters grew to be close friends to me as I wrote their story. I held their future in my hands and so when it came to have to quit writing for the day, I became very agitated knowing they were stuck in a predicament. It was only by my writing their next pages that they were able to get out and overcome their situation. The writing was the best part. Most of the time the story flowed, but there were a few times when I got stuck and did not know where the story was going to go. The worst part was the editing...over and over and over again. I had to read and reread the story until I could not see any more mistakes. Then I had to give it to someone else to look over so they could see the mistakes I missed.    

What is your favorite genre? 
     For reading? I like historic fiction, romance, and adventure. For writing? I like writing about adventures of young people that possibly could be me; real life events. Oh, and animals. I love animal stories. 

Do you do any research for your books? If you do, what are your main sources? 
     I have done a little for my three books. I mainly looked online for information about the time period the books took place, as well as other things such as the luminescent rocks mentioned in my books. 

What do you like most about writing? 
    It is doing something I love. I find it relaxing. I like how creative I can be, and how I can watch a story from my head come to life on the page of a book, then in turn, I can share it with the world. 

Any final thoughts? 
     My encouragement to other writers is do not fret about how the whole process of publication will work. If you have an idea, just write. Get it onto the paper. If you do not have much time, like me, take little bits of time here and there and write when you can. Keep a notebook in your purse or pocket and write your thoughts down when you get inspired. You will forget them if you don't! God will work out everything in His perfect time, and He will reward you with something great in due time. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. May God bless you as endeavor to serve Him in all you do. 

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  1. Great interview! Thank you for the words of encouragement there at the end.


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