Friday, March 13, 2015

March Contest

Hello everyone! I'm sure you are wondering where the March Contest is... I am sorry I didn't get it out last week. But here it is anyways! This month we will be giving away a copy of Radialloy to the winner!

In lots of classic literature the main character has one "tragic flaw". They are a hero, capable of great things, except they are prideful. Or they are brilliant only they were born a peasant. Please write a short story between 300 and 900 words in which your main character has a "tragic flaw" that will either lead to their success of demise.

Please submit these to by March 25, when you can see a review of the book you will have a chance of winning! Results will be published on the March 31. First place wins a copy of Radialloy and gets posted on the blog along with second and third place!

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