Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Contest Results

Hello everyone, I'm here to announce the winner of Radialloy by J.Grace Pennington! =D

And the winner is..... Mikayla L!!! Congratulations!!

Here is her entry;

Greed. It was always there. I just wished that it didn’t have to come out like this.
“Griselda, please! Help me!” Sukie called, her dirty face streaked with tears. I took one glance between the girl and the pouch of money.
“Sorry, Sukie.” I smiled grimly, the pinch of guilt I felt quickly fading, “But we can’t have everything we want, can we?” 
This monster, called greed, ever present in my life, had reared its ugly head, and Sukie was paying the price. 
I looked the young girl, the girl who had journeyed with me through thick and thin, in the eyes. 
“Griselda! Griselda, don’t leave me here to die.” The young girl begged. 
Once again, I pulled my gaze away from her, to the two fat guards holding her. “Do your job right, and make sure she is delivered to Lord AndrĂ© immediately.” 
“Aye, girl, we will.” The guard, Red, said, pulling Sukie to her feet. He spat a glob of tobacco onto the cobblestone path. Disgusting. I thought, as he and his companion turned to go, dragging the frail child after them.
“Wait.” I called out. As they stopped, I bit my tongue. I had what I wanted. I was a bounty hunter; this was what I did for a living. Why show pity now, after delivering hundreds of others without question? 
“What does your master want with the girl?” I asked, feigning boredom. If they thought I really cared, they would never tell me. 
The first guard, Blake, who’s head greatly resembled a tomato, smirked, “Her family has a good position in a town called Cery. His lordship needs leverage to help her father see eye to eye with Lord AndrĂ©… say, why do you care? You got your money, now be gone.” It had suddenly dawned upon the oaf that he shouldn’t give away the plan of his master.
“Sorry, just asking out of curiosity.” I said, turning and starting down the path. 
“Griselda!” I heard Sukie cry, her gentle voice breaking. 
It had been the first time since I began my work as a bounty hunter that I had ever worked to gain the targets trust, and an unfamiliar feeling tugged at me. 
Pity? No way. I was beyond that. Or so I thought.
My mind whirled, as I looked between the tall trees of the surrounding forest and the fast pace of the guards, their massive forms dragging the weak, frail one behind them. 
An idea was beginning to form. Maybe I could have everything I wanted. 
Tying the satchel of money to my belt loop, I started to the woods. Following at a safe distance, planning my move, and wishing that I had just left Sukie and gone home to my cabin, I kept a steady pace. For nearly two hours this went on, and I waited patiently for my chance, watching the tension leaving the guards. We were nearing Mireworth, though, so I knew I didn’t have much time left.
“Come on, girl!” Red shouted, pulling her wrist hard enough that she fell to the ground, her knee smacking against the stone. Sukie cried out in pain, and anger raced through me. They would pay for that. 
I wondered why I cared. Maybe it was Sukie’s sweet nature, her innocence, her willingness to trust anyone who praised her. Somehow, though, I knew that there was no way I would let Sukie be treated poorly by anyone. Unless, of course, it was me, the one who betrayed her. I winced at the thought.
Sukie struggled to her feet, and I readied myself to act, pulling my dagger from my belt.
“You know, boys, I changed my mind.” I said, leaving the cover of the forest and sauntering up to the two guards. They whirled about, and the poor girl was swung about with them. “See, Sukie and me, we understand each other. You can hand her over, or pay with your lives. I suggest you do the first.” 
Red tightened his grip on Sukie’s arm, causing her to cry out in pain. Blake dropped her other arm, pulling his sword from his belt. “You mean to fight me with only a dagger?” He chortled. 
“Let’s see, now. Fat, overconfident, and easily irritated… yeah, I think I can take you.” I said, pretending to size him up. A grin broke out on my face as his face turned a shade darker, reminding me more than ever of a tomato. He leapt at me, swinging his sword recklessly. I ducked under one blow, then pushed my dagger forward, cutting his wrist. He cried out, plunging his sword forward.
I jumped over the blade, but pain raced through my leg as it grazed my thigh. “Nasty little thing, aren’t you?” I said, spinning around to deliver a solid kick to his stomach. He fell backwards, and I held my dagger to his throat as I looked at his comrade. 
“Release the girl.” I demanded. 
“Fine, then, but you’ll pay, girl! I swear, I will make you pay!” Red snarled, releasing Sukie, who ran to my arms. I awkwardly patted her back, pulling my dagger from the thug’s throat. Then I grabbed her and broke into a sprint towards our freedom. 
I guess, sometimes, if you want it badly enough, you can fight for everything you want. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll get it all. And what’s better than that? 

Second place goes to.. John Newton!!! 

His Entry:

        The cell was almost completely dark. Only a small square hole was cut into the wrought iron door on the far wall.  I couldn't see anything through the window from my very uncomfortable position on the floor opposite the door where my wrists were chained. My head was still throbbing from the bump on my head I received when the jailer pushed me into the cell. I didn't see the low doorway and before I knew it my head smacked stone. It was my own fault, like it was my fault that we got caught. I can't believe I was so foolish. It was a simple reconnaissance mission.  My orders were to investigate the increased troop build up on our border with Redelia. Redelia has always been looking for a reason to invade and possibly conquer Codera. Contrary to my orders, I thought that while we were here, we could try to steal some documents. I completely underestimated their security. I didn't think about the possible consequences. I didn't even have an exit strategy. Now we're in a Redelian dungeon.
        I don't know where my men were. They separated us once they brought to this border garrison. Since I ordered the surrender when they cornered us on the edge of the cliff instead of trying to fight four dozen men with  five- six including me, they were all pretty demoralized. I couldn't really blame them. They all looked to me to lead them and I failed them. I was so concerned with being a hero that I compromised the safety of my men and the mission. Now my pride and over-confidence will probably lead to all of us being killed. The Redelians don't take to kindly to foreign spies and thieves, even suspected ones. Because I disobeyed orders, I can't count on any rescue. My superiors probably don't even know where we are.
        I thought we might have a chance of getting out as long as they don't realize that we are Rangers of Codera, their arch-enemy, and they believe our cover story that we are bounty hunters. If they don't believe that we are just bounty hunters, even if we don't escape, Redelia might not find out that we are from Codera and therefore not retaliate, which could result in war. If they did, it would be all my fault.
        I looked up as keys jangled in lock and the door swung open on its rusty hinges. The shadows of the jailer and several guards fell onto the floor as they stood in the doorway. One guard held a torch that cast an eerie light onto his and his comrades' faces.

Thank you all for partisapating! 

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