Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Contest Results

Hello everyone, sorry this is a tad late in the day but I had a bit of difficulty. That seems to be what I tell you each month. Oh well, guess I should get on with it... =)

The winner of Molly Evangeline's "The Pirates Daughter's Promise" is...


 Lois Newton!!!!! Congratulations!

Here is her entry:

        Lafti sighed when he saw her. With her usual sweet smile, the girl was hurrying about the room, the perfect picture of a devoted servant. She was nice, but a fool. A stupid, useful fool. She was probably even now gathering useful information to eagerly confide in him at their appointed evening meeting. But he was out of time. There was information he urgently needed that only she could get. This would be much easier and far more straightforward.
        "Where love works, fear works even better."
        He stepped out of the shadow of the pillar directly in front of her.

Second place goes to..... 

Ruth Newton!!! 

“I can’t do it!”


Drew stopped and stared at the wall for a moment. Then he bent down on one knee and looked into my eyes.

“Avery, could you do it if your life depended on it?”

I looked at him, suddenly realizing what it was he had been trying to teach me all those years.

“Of course I could.”

He smiled. “Well, then.”

I turned and faced the screen. Lines of code raced past my eyes. My fingers clicked on the keyboard as  I entered my answer. Instantly, the screen cleared and the words, “Access Granted” flashed on. 

I smiled as Drew squeezed my shoulder.  

Third place goes to....  Anna Baber!!!

"I dodged the tree branch, urging my horse to run faster. I heard pursuit behind me. The Myrenians wouldn't let Ishtara win by way of a young girl. No, they'd kill me before I could have rest after this battle.
What had I done to deserve this? I'd fought against myself for months, warring with memories of Melody, a sense of loyalty to Myren, and a love for my people—only to give it all up. Now I was exiled from my own country, the country I'd risked my life for. I wouldn't be safe until Myren was defeated for the last time."

Thank you everyone who entered! It really is a blessing to read over your entry's. =) 

-Mikayla and Ysa-

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  1. Congrats to all of the writers! All three excerpts were awesome! :)


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