Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Contest Results

'Ello ladys and gentlemen, can't imagine what your here for, it couldn't be the contest results could it? ;) First I would like to thank the few people that entered this month for taking the time, in one of the busiest times of the year, to do this. It was a pleasure! And I am very proud to present the winner of Kaycee Browning's Ember Flame:

 Gloria Newton!!! 
Congratulations Gloria! We hope you enjoy Ember Flame! 
Here is Gloria's entry:

        This was not as easy as it looked. I trekked through the snowy mountainside, struggling to see through the howling storm. From the base of the mountain, where I grew up, the journey didn't look dangerous or even very imposing. Now I knew how hard it was to climb uphill and down, in the biting cold, and in a storm, no less. Of course there were plenty of snow storms, when I was younger, but there was also a nice, warm fire. Here it was a whole different story.  It was  helpful to have three of my best friends with me, but after two days of hard traveling, I was almost ready to give up.

Second place goes to.... Ruth! Thank you for entering Ruth!

This was not as easy as it looked. I'm not normally one to be pessimistic, but this was getting to be too much. The concept of farming was not too hard to grasp, but slaving in the sun, from morning till night was going too far. The governor told us that we were being assigned these jobs to prepare, supposedly for the impending invasion. I don't think that's true. I think they're trying to distract us from what is really going to happen. I don't know what it's going to be, but I do know one thing. This attack won't come from a foreign power, but from one within...

Third place goes to... Nathanael!!! Thank you so much Nathanael! 

 This wasn't as easy as it looked. Drina and I were surrounded by at least 13 Blackfire warriors in the Blackfire jail.
  "Do you have a plan?" Drina asked desperately, gripping his sword.
  "Working on it. Anyway I broke you out of jail didn't I?" I replied.
  "Lord, help me." i closed my eyes, concentrating,
  "Now do you have a plan?" Drina asked desparately,
  "Shut up, and drop your weapons." The warriors growled.
  "The grate under us leads to the sewer, that's our ticket out." I whispered.
  "Get ready."

Thank you all for entering this month, please join us next month for another contest! 
-Mikayla and Ysa-

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